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Dongnam Realize exhibits CXP (Cellulose Cross-linked Polymer) Wood, which can be used in injection, extrusion manufactures.
2022-07-22 Views: 566

Dongnam Realize is company that produces CXP (Cellulose Cross-linked Polymer) Wood, which can be used in injection, extrusion manufactures. This material can be used in existing plastic product facilities, and can replace most of the plastics products into wooden one.

Dongnam Realize uses forestry by-product to make CXP pellets. and supply it in thermosoftening pellet status.



- raw materials of CXP



Whole world wants to reduce plastics and carbon. But there’re not many choices to replace existing plastics, so bio degradable plastics and biomass plastics are becoming important in industry.


CXP Wood does NOT contains plastic resins, It based on wood’s cellulose, but injectable. It’s an realistic alternative for plastics. It can broaden the usage of wood and effectively save / reduce carbons in the air. We came for introduce this material.


CXP Wood, the wood alternative for plastics. It’s different from other biomass plastics. It doesn’t use plastic adhesive or wood mixed with plastic resins.


CXP, which is made by Korean forestry by-products, is new type of material that based on cellulose in wood. It’s very useful for plastic product manufacturers. They don’t need to change their facilities, but only material. And don’t need to add lacquer process due to the fine finishing of CXP Wood products. The products are strong enough, and durable to water/moisture.


Many merits in a brief, producers changing to CXP Wood material can reduce plastics usage, raise usage of Korean wood (which is used only 15.9% in Korean wood-related industry), decrease carbon dioxide and store in a useful shape. They can be eco-friendly manufactures. It’s big advantage who is exporting products to European or US where is restricting plastics hard. Even, thanks to the low price compared to other eco-friendly materials, producers can earn more with CXP wood.



- CXP products



Since its debut in earnest at KOPLAS last year, the number of retail outlets has exceeded 80 in about a year, and we are actively developing and applying materials with various companies.

It was classified as a wood product by obtaining PEFC (KFCC-CoC) this year. And won the JEC Korea 2021 Startup-booster and then won the ‘sustainability prize’ in 2022 Startup-booster of JEC World, one of the world's largest material fair.

In recognition of CXP's growth potential and value to nature and forests, we did some lectures for PEFC and 2022 Korea Pack.



- CXP wood block, which is made by Korean forestry by-products, and based on cellulose in wood.



We’re keep preparing for CXP extrusion grade and elastomer grade.

Using those two, CXP wood can be applied to more plastic products, so producers can use CXP Wood instead of plastics in more way, then wood usage will more increase.

That will help Korean government to make more sustainable forest include thinning forest. We believe that what we developing will help decrease carbon dioxide of the earth and grow forest.